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Daphne Maison – a 35-year-old Project Analyst from Melbourne – and her best friends love to adorn and swoon and gossip over every daily occurrence of each other’s successful lives. That is, until Daphne makes a pivotal change to her life: a decision that is sometimes considered bravery, while mostly labelled as stupidity. Can Daphne navigate this unchartered path as a single mom? Is she brave enough to conquer the myriad of unexpected emotions that she feels toward her ex-husband, Ben? Life as a Single Mom is a humorous and thought-provoking insight into the daily challenges that Daphne must face alone. These challenges invite Daphne (and you, the reader) to embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Some Call it Bravery, Some Call it Stupidity, is book one of this three-part series.

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The Sparboski blog showcases some of my published articles and highlights my style of writing. I am adaptable in my style to suit the brief. My experience ensures that I am capable of fulfilling roles that span end-to-end requirements: from liaising with consultants in the initial project meetings, to writing draft proposals, assimilating data and rewriting proposals and tenders, proofreading and formatting final documents, and ensuring legal compliance. I have written articles for a broad range of business sectors.

I have created The Joy Fourie Foundation as an online platform to support, encourage and inspire mothers. The foundation is named after my mother, Joy Fourie, as she truly is an inspiration of strength, determination and unconditional love. My Mum is the bravest person I know. She is testament to how we can achieve our goals and dreams if we work hard and have a positive mental attitude. She has challenged her fears and achieved things that not even she thought she could, just by being brave enough to try, and by not giving up when things were tough! This foundation is also a safe space for single mums and those who have immigrated. Having struggled through the journey of immigrating as a single mum, my heart is to now be able to support mums who are facing either (or both) of these roads. Life has its challenges, but like I said in my blog post Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust, you are not expected to tackle this alone. 

In Artificial Morning, a suspense thriller, Andi Healey is unintentionally superficial and quirky. She spends her days in a naïve artificial bubble, worrying about insignificant things. That is until life hands her a little taste of reality and she is forced to either face her worst fears and embrace her predicament positively or succumb to a life of turmoil. 
Artificial Morning explores the complex facets of human emotions. In a world of lies and deceit, a journey of personal growth pivots on personal choice. The cleverly intertwined maze of self-discovery versus self-destruction forces Andi to ask herself some critical questions about integrity and honesty, and decide what is really important in life. 
With a myriad of distractions to choose from, will Andi just keep glossing over life’s little imperfections, with little white lies? Will running away give her a second chance to live a happier, honest life? Will she be brave enough to face reality? Or will reality keep hitting harder until it forces her to listen?

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